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Consulting Services

We know our plants and can be a great resource for you. We know what plants do well in certain types of soil and which plants will thrive in shade or sun. We can help you choose the best plants for your landscape.

Referral Services - Home Owners

We can provide assistance with finding local landscape architects and landscapers. We provide this service primarily to municipalities, general contractors, architects, and home owners.

Pot-in-Pot Container Grown

The trees and shrubs that are grown at Rosewood Nursery are container grown, and we incorporate the pot-n-pot growing method. This production method combines the best of both field and container production methods, resulting in healthier plants and less cost in handling for the end user.

As its name suggests, the pot-in-pot method uses two containers to grow each plant. The bottom container, or socket, is permanently fixed in the ground over a drainage system. The second container, or production pot, holds the tree or shrub. This use of dual containers protects the plant's root system from extreme changes in temperature and allows the plant to be harvested at any time during the year. Unlike traditional container production methods, trees and shrubs grown using the pot-in-pot method have larger root masses and thrive in their controlled environment.

We choose to grow our plants using the pot-in-pot production method because of the quality of plant that can be produced. Plus, you can purchase and plant our trees and shrubs at anytime of the year, even in the hottest months.

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